If you have a good mechanic, one that can be trusted and does a good job for you, keep him. Don’t bounce around shop to shop; it’s only going to cost you more money, time and aggravation.

In every business there is going to be times when problems occur, the unforeseen arises, the car breaks down, the bill is higher then expected, you see an oil spot on your driveway after an oil change. There is no way everything can be perfect every time your car is serviced.

In a good relationship with good communication and honesty on both sides everything will work out. That is what we strive to do. We know we are skilled at repairing cars and treating the customer right. We stand behind our work and our communication with the customer from start to finish.

If you already have a shop that meets what I have outlined, stay with them, they should be congratulated and deserve your business.

If our philosophy is not the same as your current mechanic, look into our shop. You don’t need to spend a penny. Just see our operation or talk to someone who has dealt with us. We are confident you will be a new customer.

Joe Stephens
Joe Stephens
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